Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance.

Tired of struggling to get your pool sparkling?

Several homeowners try to do their pool maintenance on their own. Pool maintenance can quickly turn into a hassle if you choose the DIY method.

As the owner of a pool, it should be a pleasure to look at your sparkling blue pool. To do that you need pool maintenance on a weekly base.

At Seven Seas Pools Sandton our team offers the highest quality pool maintenance services in and around the Sandton area.

We offer everything from general pool cleaning, maintenance, backwashing and sweeping.

Reasons to use Seven Seas Pools for your pool maintenance.

  • Comprehensive pool maintenance
  • Competitive pricing
  • Owner run & supervised
  • Professional Service

Our Pool Maintenance Services include:

Vacuuming of the pool floor if required.

When planning the different aspects of routine pool maintenance, a weekly vacuuming is crucial to clean water.

It also helps to lessen the amount of sanitising chemicals that you need to add to the pool.

Although testing the levels of the water is a daily task, vacuuming once a week helps to maintain sufficient chemical levels.

Dirt, debris and other chemicals that sink to the bottom of the pool, usually require vacuuming.

Removal of leaves also part of maintaining a clean pool.

Removal of leaves sandton

Leaves can be a big problem to your swimming pool if you allow them to accumulate and drift around on the water.

They leave dirt and debris in the water, and they can also get stuck in your filters and manifold.

Leaving leaves in the pool also reduces the effectiveness of your pool cleaner.

Backwashing and rinsing the sand filter

Pool experts suggest that backwashing and rinsing should take place on a weekly basis, but it depends on a number of factors.

If your pool is situated under trees, leaves and debris could be finding its way into the water.

This means that the sand filter will get clogged and should then be backwashed and rinsed more often to ensure that your pool is cleaned.

Your pool filter is collecting debris that makes its way into your swimming pool. Small debris, insects and sand that is not caught by the skimmer basket makes its way to the filter. It is caught by the compact sand in the filtration system.

When it becomes full, it can no longer effectively filter the water. The small particles get caught because the circulation of the water  will not be able to flow smoothly.

Pool pump and weir basket cleaning

Cleaning the skimmer and pump baskets regularly is important to the general maintenance of your swimming pool.

For your pool to stay clean and clear the water must be filtered.

Your pump have to work harder to try to cycle the water if the baskets are clogged. This can decrease the life and stress the seals in your pump.

It can also have a negative effect on your pool maintenance.

Weekly testing of pool acid levels and corrections

To maintain the correct levels in the pool water can be a balancing act. If pH or Alkalinity is too low, or Calcium Hardness levels are too high, there can be issues.

The quality of pool water is affected by the level of pH, which is affected by Alkalinity. Pool water pH levels that are too high can cloud the water or create scaly deposits. Low pH levels allow for pool equipment and surfaces to become etched and corroded.

Too much chlorine can cause skin and eye irritation. When, levels of sanitizers are too low, they will not provide the power to kill algae, bacteria or other chemicals.

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