Pool Renovations

Swimming Pool Renovations

Is your backyard oasis starting to show its age? Or is it just so outdated, that you try and keep your guests confined to the front yard? Perhaps it’s time for some swimming pool renovations.

Pool renovations fall under two categories. There are renovations you would love to do and then there are renovations you are absolutely obliged to do. Pool resurfacing falls under the latter category.

Pool renovations you are obliged to tackle:

The majority of pools start to show some wear and tear after a number of years. As soon as you start noticing cracks, chips, blistering or flaking, it probably means that your waterproof lining needs replacement.

Moreover, a growing algae problem could also indicate the deterioration of your pool surface area. Keep in mind that the actual nature of cement is porous, so the loss of a protective, waterproof membrane will cause more headaches than you need.

However, this is a large and costly undertaking, so it is important to acquaint yourself with the various resurfacing options.

  • Fiberglass linings. Fiberglass is smooth, durable and has excellent adherence properties. This makes it a popular choice. However, it is one of the more expensive endeavors. On the other hand, due to its non porous nature, it will last longer and cost you less in chemicals and maintenance.
  • Resurfacing with plaster. Plaster is the least costly choice. The drawback being that it is not as durable and you will probably need to re-plaster again at around the 10 year mark. Its porous quality also necessitates the aid of more chemicals to maintain the proper pH balance.
  • Aggregate Finish. This is a form of ceramic-coated stone or sand pre-mixed with a plaster product. It mimics the appearance of pebbles worked directly into the pool surface. Furthermore, you have the option of numerous colour combinations to play with. Besides its arresting appearance, the aggregate finish sports a non-slip surface and superior resistance to algae and stains. On average an Aggregate finish can last for decades if well maintained. Unfortunately, the product is very dear, costing almost twice as much as a plaster finish. Conversely, if you consider that it lasts more than twice as long, the cost might be worth your while.

Pool renovations you desire:

pool renovations

Renovate the pool deck and coping. This will give your pool an entire new appearance. For example, install a cantilevered deck, or replace it with natural stone, wood or stamp Crete.

  • Add a water feature or two. From small bubbling fountains to large cascades and waterfalls, these days your choices are endless, with how much you fancy spending being the only deciding factor. Bear in mind, though, that your electrical bill will escalate a smidgen and you will probably lose more water to evaporation.
  • Install energy efficient variable speed pumps, energy efficient filters, solar pool pumps, solar heaters and LED lighting. This pool renovation will actually save you money in the long run. Besides which, LED lights these days boast the most exciting colours and light shows at very reasonable prices.
  • Replace the waterline tiles. It does not seem like a mammoth renovation, and can certainly change the entire façade of your pool. From sparkling mosaics to stone look tiles, your options are numerous.
  • Attach a modest sized spa to your pool. This could just be an elegant ledge that allows water to spill over into the pool, or an entire tub resting in a corner of your swimming pool. A delightfully decadent addition to your backyard oasis.

Remember that there is no need to accept your aged pool for what it is. And whilst not all pool renovations are created equal, the cost of several of the above mentioned renovations are certainly not prohibitive.

The sky is the limit these days, so jump in at the deep end and renovate that ugly pond in your backyard!

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