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What is pool coping?

Pool coping is the cap or edging above the tile around the top rim of a swimming pool and also known as pool edging or edge pavers.

Coping separates the pool from the adjoining surface area, and also helps to protect the pool structure.

Is pool coping necessary?

Pool pavers is the finishing touch that gives you something to grab onto when you’re ready to get out of the pool and reducing the risk of slipping.

Give your pool a polished look.

The coping blocks the water from penetrating the area behind the pool shell and also keeps debris like grass, leaves, and dirt from getting into the pool.

enter and exit poolside

Pool coping gives you an opportunity to add a little personal stylishness because you can choose from a wide range of colours, materials, cuts, and finishes to complement your pool.

The Purpose of Sealing Your Pool Coping.

Sealing Your Pool CopingSealer on the pool coping is primarily a safety precaution because it provides a non-slip resistance.

Choosing the right sealer all depends on which kind of texture and finish you would like to get.

Use a cleaning agent before sealing your pool coping. This is to make sure that all dust, dirt, and mess are removed before sealing, otherwise, their affects will be seen forever.

The best time to apply a sealer will rely on the type of coping used for installation.

Coping Materials

Concrete, brick and stone are the main materials used in pool coping areas.

Apply sealer after the pavers were installed in 30 to 60 days, because some pavers need to breathe and expand with the effects of water, air and wind.

Choosing the pool coping style.

Choosing the pool coping style depends on your personal taste and the look that you want for your outside area.

You can choose from square edged (cantilevered), bullnose, and rolled-edge.


different types edged


Travertine pool copingTravertine is one of the more popular materials for building luxury pool decks.

Because travertine absorbs the water immediately, the decks made of it are almost slip-free.

The paver can handle all types of weather conditions. Come in grey, blue, tan, brown shade colours.

Ideal for pool coping and surrounds, patios, outdoor entertainment areas and general landscaping


Flagstone pool copingFlagstone coping is frequently used, and a common term for any type of flat slab of natural paving.

These type of stone is ideal for around a pool due to the non-slip surface, resists moisture and heat, and can withstand consistent use.

Flagstone is low maintenance and easy to install.


Limestone pool copingLimestone can also be used for decks.

It is durable and will keep its beauty for many years no matter the weather.

The material can tolerate extreme weather change.

Colours include grey, blue, tan, brown, and pink, among others, and can be cut in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Concrete pool copingConcrete is the traditional pool coping material.

Poured concrete gives you a continuous flow between the pool deck and the coping, which is ideal if you want a more natural shape.

To make your pool look bigger use concrete which is also perfect for small pool areas.

Precast concrete is cheaper than poured concrete and is available in a variety of colours and patterns.

The line between the deck and coping won’t be seamless, but many pool owners prefer the cheaper cost of precast concrete.

There is the risk of cracking due to expansion and shrinkage because of the weather.


brick pool coping

The installation of brick on swimming pools and walls gives a very classic look that may never go out of style.

When a project is completed, the detail in the cut work will really stand out.

Brick coping can also define the perimeter of the pool especially when the brick contrasts the pool deck.

Brick coping comes in many different colors and styles.





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