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Pool Repairs & Maintenance

Swimming pool repairs is a necessary evil. Even a well maintained pool can spring a leak and the sooner you fix it, the less chance of it causing more damage.

Pool Leaks

Typical signs that you may have a leak:

  • Standing water near the pool or muddy spots in the grass. This could indicate leaking underground plumbing.
  • The pool is losing an inordinate amount of water and not due to evaporation.
  • Fluctuating chemical consumption. As water leaks out of a pool, it carries dissolved chemicals with it. These then need to be replaced constantly to make up for the loss.
  • Loose tiles, or cracked cement at the pool deck. Excess water causes the ground under the cement and tiles to shift, which can indicate a leak.
  • Corrosion at the pump or around the pipes is a sure indication of a leak.

Pool Leak Detection Methods

Leakages constitute the largest bulk of pool repairs, so it’s important to know a few pool leak detection methods.

Do the bucket test

Fill a bucket with water and place it on the steps of your pool. Make sure the top of the bucket is at water level. Obviously, no one should use the pool during this time.

After a few days assess the water reduction in the water bucket in comparison to the pool. If the dropped level in the container matches the drop in pool level, then your water loss is due to evaporation. If there’s a noticeable difference between the two, then it’s most likely a leak.

Check for obvious signs of damage

Any part of your pool that shows signs of damage or wear is highly suspect when it comes to detecting pool leaks. In the case of a leak, damage is caused to the surrounding structures and some of this damage may be visible. Ordinarily, pool decks that are sinking or have cracks are a major symptom of a potential leak. Rust forming around the skimmer and return ports, cracks in the pool floor or broken fittings could all be signs of the site of the leakage.

The Dye test

If there is an area in your pool that you suspect is leaking, then the first step you should take is to test the area with dye. Note that this is not foolproof, but it’s worth trying.

Your goal is to release a small amount of dye or food colouring in the immediate whereabouts of the suspected leak. Firstly turn off the pool circulation system. You need no unnecessary movement in the pool water. Upon release, the idea is to monitor the movement of the dye in the water.

The dye has the tendency to stay together and will float gently with the subtle motion of the water moving. A crack in the pool should actively suck the dye in, providing ease of detection.

If the bucket and dye test fail, it’s time for serious visual inspection. Accordingly, focus on the most common culprits first, like the pool light and the skimmer. Thereafter, move on to the plumbing system and check thoroughly.

Some swimming pool leaks are notoriously difficult to find. If you are lucky enough to locate the leak, do the repair as quickly as possible. However, if you are unsuccessful in your leak detection endeavors, call a reputable local pool company immediately. Keep in mind that the longer you delay, the worse the problem will become and the more expensive it will be to fix.

Pool pump Repairs

pool pump

Of course, a leak is not your only pool nightmare. If your pool pump hums, screeches, leaks, smokes or stops working, you need to make a plan as soon as possible. Remember that your pool pump circulates the water for you. Consequently, doing this manually is no fun whatsoever.

We also do the following pool repairs:

  • Coping & Paving repairs
  • Moving and repairing pool pumps
  • Pool filter repairs
  • Testing and replacing pool pipes

Whatever your troubles might be, always be sure to address your swimming pool repairs immediately.

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